Lasagna Soup

Ever since I found this soup it has nearly hands down been my husband’s absolute favorite soup. It’s a soup that we sometimes make year round because it is really that good. You can find the recipe for this soup on A Farmgirl’s Dabbles and it is insanely popular – once you make it you’ll probably understand why.

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I do make a few modifications to this recipe but not by much. I used to sub hot Italian sausage but now that my daughter can also eat this (and I don’t like sweet Italian) I just use regular breakfast sausage from Sprouts Farmers Market. I use two containers of Imagine Chicken Broth (8 cups), a whole bag of pasta (16 ounces) and I blend my tomatoes slightly because I don’t like tomato chunks in soup. I will add the basil into this when I can find it but I severely dislike buying the “living basil” because it’s usually not in the greatest shape or they want entirely too much for a plant that usually does not survive if planted. I usually sub the ricotta for feta because I personally like it better but it is good with ricotta and makes the soup creamier.

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