Two & The Rainbow Kingdom Party

My daughter absolutely ADORES True – the only unfortunate part of that is currently there are not many decoration/party items specifically based on the show. If you’re reading this your child probably watches True & The Rainbow Kingdom but if you haven’t seen it, you have Netflix and your child enjoys bright, colorful shows with songs I highly suggest watching. They are just now starting to roll out some branded items – mainly clothes, books/coloring books and stuffed animals on Amazon. That being said the rest of the post will just be a guide about how to make and/or where to find the items in the pictures below.

  • Cloud Macrame – I purchased the cloud from Firehawk Customs on Etsy and the yarn (you can find several places) I ordered from Amazon. Yarn was cut into 1 yard sections (36 inches/3 feet), grouped and tied as pictured.


  • Gift bags – brown gift bags and adhesive backed white felt from Michael’s, cloud template found online, ribbons purchased from Amazon. Some of the ribbon colors are not “true” RGB and if this is an issue for you I would suggest purchasing each color ribbon individually. I attached the ribbons to the adhesive back of the cloud and used Scotch 085-R ATG double sided tape across the back of the ribbons to make sure they stayed on the bag.


  • Gift bag goodies – I put pull-back cars, fake glasses & horn blowers from the Spritz brand found at Target inside the bags in addition to the cloud wand and candies. 
  • Cloud wands – I used the same ribbons as on the gift bags (cut length is 2x the length of the dowel) which were tied around wooden dowels from Amazon, premium white felt sheets from JoAnn’s (cloud template found online) hot glued the dowel/ribbons to the back and then hot glued together. 


  • Candies & labels – candy labels were designed with Canva, printed on cardstock and attached with the Scotch tape to Crayola Cardstock Paper in Bright Pop. Holy crap it was a little difficult to come up with cute True themed names for candies 🤣 but these are the names and candies I ended up using. (Side note: all of the candies are natural dye and slightly more difficult to find but my daughter had an allergic reacting to dye last year so I decided to avoid it).
    • Rainbow Seeds – Unreal Milk Chocolate Gems
    • Glummy Beans – YumEarth Sour Beans
    • Wish Drops – 365 Everyday Value Gumdrops
    • Night Queen Nibbles – 365 Everyday Value Gummy Stars


  • Cupcakes – sprinkles are natural dye 365 Everyday Value Rainbow Sprinkles which you can get at Whole Foods or order from Amazon and the baking cups are Wilton Rainbow Dots standard size.
  • True decorations – you can find these awesome decorations (and invitations I used for my daughter’s party – not pictured) on the website for True & The Rainbow Kingdom under the activities section. I had the invitations printed at Staples and when I went to go pick them up I had them print the cupcake/cake decorations plus the Hearya, Syzer & Joiner paper toys on 110 cardstock. 



Overall her party & all the things were a huge hit with all the kids – especially the pull back cars haha. I was just so relieved she had fun this year and didn’t have a reaction to anything so I consider that a success! I also want to thank Guru Studio & the True website for having birthday and regular decorations for free on their site – seriously… thank you!

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