The Sweeney Sisters

Eliza, Tricia and Maggie are the Sweeney sisters who's childhood was spent growing up in the iconic small seaside town of Southport, Connecticut - you know the type, where everyone knows everyone. Since their mother passed away from her battle with cancer fifteen years ago they have mostly gone their separate ways, their memories of... Continue Reading →

Planting Wolves

Planting Wolves features short stories about eight people whose lives are merged together in some fashion before exiting off to continue their almost mind numbing loneliness. Will you connect with one of the eight in their lonely journey of life? In this book you'll follow the lives of a writer, housewife, movie production assistant, AA... Continue Reading →

The Namesake

Largely about Indian family, traditions and portions of coming of age told through the perspective of the Ganguli family. I did enjoy reading about the culture and family dynamics of India or at least a light version of it but the last half of the book just felt like it drug on. The ending was... Continue Reading →

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