Shattered Sky

The state of ShadowClan's uncorrected opinions on the warrior code has caused Rowanstar to lose not only his territory but Darktail has even managed to sway warriors and apprentice's to join him from the Clan. Darktail, his rogues and his ideals are a threat to all of the Clans but they won't be able to... Continue Reading →

Thunder and Shadow

Alderpaw has returned to Clan territory by the lake nearly one moon ago after finding that rogues had driven SkyClan out of the gorge Firestar and Sandstorm helped them establish. Alderpaw and Needletail along with the rest of the questing party thought they had made it out of the gorge relatively unscathed - but the... Continue Reading →

The Apprentice’s Quest

Since the Great Storm shortly after Bramblestar became leader of ThunderClan with the defeat of the Dark Forest cats the four Clans have lived peacefully. When a prophecy is received by not one - but all four of the Clan medicine cats they must unravel it's meaning. That message in turn sends a young medicine... Continue Reading →

Bramblestar’s Storm

In the stand-alone Warriors Super Edition: Bramblestar's Storm readers will finally know what happened to the Clan's after the fourth arc in the series - Omen of the Stars. This story is told from the leader of ThunderClan, Bramblestar's perspective after defeating The Dark Forest. Offered only a brief respite, the Clan's are now faced... Continue Reading →

Middle-Grade Fantasy Novels

I'm not entirely sure what person as a kid didn't read book(s) about other worlds - the way to access them usually either by space or some mundane hidden entrance. Two of the series listed below are exactly that and feature the mundane entrance variety. The books by Tamora Pierce are in a world of... Continue Reading →

Monster on the Moors

In the North York Moors an ancient wolf-like being controlled by equally ancient witches is stalking Bobby, his cousin Brenda and their friends - Stevie and Michael. The creature manages to capture one their party the remaining group must use everything at their disposal to save their friend - Bobby's prophetic visions, a mysterious librarian,... Continue Reading →

Brina the Cat #1

Brina the Cat is a charming graphic novel about the misadventure of city cat Brina while she and her family are on summer vacation in the mountains. Her owners - Sam & Margaret decide to let Brina outside after her very vocal protestations of being left alone inside. While exploring nearby she happens to meet... Continue Reading →

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