Tubby Todd – Black Cat Boogie & Vanilla Coconut

Black Cat Boogie (Hair & Body Wash): smells like cherry, orange & spicy herbs (like cloves). This was the first time that I had purchased hair and body wash for my daughter from Tubby Todd and we love it. It's a nice change from what we normally use but the consistency is similar enough not... Continue Reading →

Duke Cannon Bloody Knuckles

Item description: Dry, cracked hands are like living testaments to a man's hard work and ingenuity. And while hard-working hands are to be celebrated, let's be honest; dry, cracked hands feel awful. That's why Duke Cannon introduced Bloody Knuckles Hand Repair Balm. Made with lanolin, it provides much-needed moisture without leaving the hands feeling sticky or... Continue Reading →

Moonrise Creek Essential Oils

I know I'm definitely not the only one feeling tension and anxiety, especially these days. With that in mind I thought I would share my favorite essential oil blends with anyone who reads this post. They're all from a company in California that I found on Etsy and I LOVE them - enough to want... Continue Reading →

The Honest Co. Sweet Almond Bubble Bath

When I first saw the packaging I was really hoping that the products wouldn't be floral scented (flower scents are usually the worst for me) and I was pleasantly surprised that they were sweet almond. The sweet almond scent is pleasant; not overpowering & smells like almond cookies. I was also pretty excited that The... Continue Reading →

Alaffia Products

Alaffia is one of my favorite companies, they are just all around good. They have awesome natural products that smell divine (the hand/body cream below reminds me of vanilla frosting and the body wash smells like a pina colada) and they have something for pretty much everyone... even babies! I use the Babies & Kids... Continue Reading →

Mill Creek Baby Lotion

I had originally purchased a lavender scented lotion for my daughter when she started getting dry skin but she ended up not liking it (by that I mean crying every... single... time I put it on her). Needless to say the next time I went to the store I looked for an alternative and found... Continue Reading →

Original Sprout

I don't remember being told or seeing anything about postpartum hair loss before it started happening to me and I really wish someone had. I have naturally curly hair and it gets super dry if I wash it every day so I don't. That being said, I'm used to larger bunches of loose hair being... Continue Reading →

Quip Toothbrush

I'll just start this one out by saying I have always DESPISED electric toothbrushes. They're bulky and feel weird in my mouth which is why I've always opted for manual brushing. I kept seeing ads for Quip on my Instagram feed and the simplistic design of the ads and the toothbrush itself caught my attention... Continue Reading →

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