As an undocumented immigrant forced to hide from her father's Argentine crime family Manuela Azul's entire life has been compacted to fit inside one small apartment in Miami. When the woman she regards as her grandmother is assaulted in their apartment, Manu's life begins to unravel, her mother is caught in an ICE raid and... Continue Reading →

The Only Good Indians

An entity born of a tragically violent incident from the youthful past of four American Indian men leaves them fighting for their lives and their sanity. Ruthlessly hunted, the friends are caught in the spotlight as their actions and traditions they thought they didn't believe in anymore render them powerless against the tidal waves of... Continue Reading →

All Of Us

Carolyn Grand is the star of our thriller, All of Us, but she just happens to be comprised of six alternate personalities. We have Victoria, a carefully constructed extrovert, Kirk, a heterosexual and outnumbered male, Martha, a no nonsense mother figure, Serena, a bohemian artist, Eleni, charming deviant, and lastly Tina, the small seed that... Continue Reading →


Dr. Valerie Black is covertly assembling an all-female team for a mission in spite of women being systematically forced out of the work force or sidelined to merely desk jobs. Humanity's errant disregard for Earth has doomed future generations chances of growing up on their own planet. The mission is fairly simple: steal a space... Continue Reading →

Seven Endless Forests

After dealing with the aftermath of a plague with no known cure Torvi's sister Morgunn, disappears under the cover of night. She has been kidnapped by a wolf-priest bishop named Uther to join her army of gaunt girls. Torvi is forced to leave her ancestral home to join forces with a druid to gain assistance... Continue Reading →

The Sweeney Sisters

Eliza, Tricia and Maggie are the Sweeney sisters who's childhood was spent growing up in the iconic small seaside town of Southport, Connecticut - you know the type, where everyone knows everyone. Since their mother passed away from her battle with cancer fifteen years ago they have mostly gone their separate ways, their memories of... Continue Reading →

Shattered Sky

The state of ShadowClan's uncorrected opinions on the warrior code has caused Rowanstar to lose not only his territory but Darktail has even managed to sway warriors and apprentice's to join him from the Clan. Darktail, his rogues and his ideals are a threat to all of the Clans but they won't be able to... Continue Reading →

Thunder and Shadow

Alderpaw has returned to Clan territory by the lake nearly one moon ago after finding that rogues had driven SkyClan out of the gorge Firestar and Sandstorm helped them establish. Alderpaw and Needletail along with the rest of the questing party thought they had made it out of the gorge relatively unscathed - but the... Continue Reading →

The Caretakers

Tessa Shepherd is a filmmaker who freed a man she believes was falsely incarcerated for murdering a young girl due to the evidence she unearthed. Eighteen months later Tessa's life and reputation are turned upside down when he commits murder. Consumed with guilt, Tessa's life descends further into darkness when her mother passes away suddenly... Continue Reading →

The Apprentice’s Quest

Since the Great Storm shortly after Bramblestar became leader of ThunderClan with the defeat of the Dark Forest cats the four Clans have lived peacefully. When a prophecy is received by not one - but all four of the Clan medicine cats they must unravel it's meaning. That message in turn sends a young medicine... Continue Reading →

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